29 de abril de 2011

The royal wedding

Ph. Vogue
The wedding was a dream, she was so beautiful in a dress from Sara Burton from Alexander McQueen. And you? What you think?


24 de abril de 2011


Ph.Me. Shirt: C&A; Belt: Zara
Hi. This is my details from yesterday. I was in a navy mood. I hope you have an happy Easter!!! kisses


20 de abril de 2011


Hi. This is the new fever... Honestly we see this type of bags at some time ago but now we see in diferent colors in so many outfits. Reminds me the school. And you? What you think?
Find here


16 de abril de 2011

Nothing with nobody

Ph. Lili.Shirt: Zara, shoes: Blanco, jeans: Primark, floral scarf: street market

Hi. Sometimes I try to shoot some random images and today I decided to show you some that Ido yesterday. I know it's nothing specially but it was something from yesterday. kisses


15 de abril de 2011


Illustration from Kelly Smith

This post it's dedicate to all that read me and specially for who follow me. This blog it's only possible because you read and you support. And I want say thanks you for all!
And for this mark in blog and because the blog it's almost in his first year, I think that you my dear readers you could ask me some questions that as soon as possible I'll reply with a post blog or in a video. So what you think?


12 de abril de 2011

I need inspirtation and more inspiration

Hi dear  readers. At the first we are almost in 100 followers so thanks for u all for all support!
I'm so tired and the days are incredible hot (we are in April or in August?). So today I think in search in the web some inspiration for this warm days and I hope you like it. ;)

Face Hunter


10 de abril de 2011

White love

This is my recent love! White color it's perfect for summer but maybe I'll use this shirt in the coldest days of summer or in summer nights. Ah! And I love low cost because it was only for €3...
I hope you like it.


8 de abril de 2011

Wishes as inspiration

Necklace from H&M

Dear readers,at the first I want say thank you all for the all support because the blog it's almost in 100 followers.Thanks!
And now, it has some things that I really need for the summer and today I think in show you through some other vision...
My recent wishes are a necklace like a ring around the neck, flare pants and some white and fresh things...
I hope you like it.;)


2 de abril de 2011

Bohemian Deluxe | H&M

Hi. Actually I know that everybody (including me) are crazy about colors but sincerely I think that I prefer this side more bohemian. So when I saw this looks from H&M with Gisele Bündchen I think that it's perfect for next spring/summer, but I think that I'll never forget the color ;)





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