28 de maio de 2011


Necklace: Parfois//Ph: me

This is my new necklace. I'm a little obsessed with this type of jewerly but I loved that since I saw in an outlet. I hope you like it. (Sorry guys, but blogger seems me that it's crazy again so I can't see my followers and you probably can't see too, so click here if u want follow me. I'm sorry for this situation I hope that you can understand)


22 de maio de 2011

New in

Necklace: Bijou Brigitte

This is my new necklace. I'm looking for one of this type for some long time but I never found... Well, now I found one. What do you think? 


20 de maio de 2011

Pure Transparent

One more time, a post about white and with some inspiration. I'm sorry but I'm feeling very tired and being so busy in the last days so I don't post. But I hope you like it from this inspiration.

Ph. The Blonde Salad


13 de maio de 2011


Ph. Jenni

Finally we get the blogger back and now I can show you some ideas that I'm thinking in the last days.
I was surfing on web, when I found some very interesting DIY or some inspirations to do.
Here I left you some of my favorites. kisses

Ph. kirsten

Ph. Jenni


8 de maio de 2011

Week in photos

Ph. me

That's right. It's my last week that you can see in some photos. It was a week from Queima das Fitas (in Oporto) and it was great! I hope you like the photos and we have more in the next year! kisses

ph.: me


6 de maio de 2011

Happy Bday

Ph. me (old)

Yes today it's 6th May and it's the first year of this blog.
This blog starts with the name the scrapbook from my shoes but how it's too long I decided to change to Chic Reaction and now it's what I've here...
Thanks for all my readers, followers and some friends for support...
It's very important for me... :)
And now if you have facebook you can add the official profile from blog: http://www.facebook.com/chic.reaction
If you want share some moment with me you can send me a mail to chicreaction@gmail.com
Thanks for all!



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