23 de junho de 2011

Hey summer!

Hi guys. I'm sorry for the lack posts. Tonight it's night of party here in my town. Unfortunately it's cold (Where's summer? c'mon!) and during a night I'll try to forget my problems and the study to have some fun. I left you with some pictures for inspiration. I hope take some photos from the night. kisses.

Ph. various weheartit.com


20 de junho de 2011

New in

//Acne and By Malene Birger shirts

Hi. I'm still a little busy but I can't resist to show some of my new purchases. I was looking for some simple pieces for my closet and when I found these with a nice price I can't resist! What you think? I hope you like it.


17 de junho de 2011

Les jumelles

Yeah that's right! Finally i have my arm cuffs from H & M. Thanks for Mafalda for find and send me. Aren't they cute? I can't wait to use them! I hope you like it. kisses.


8 de junho de 2011


Ph.:bottle and arm cuffs from H&M

Ph.: YSL sunglasses via fashiolista (H&M has a similar ones)

Hi dears. I'm so busy but at the same time so tired. About he post: this is my new favs that I think all day ;) I hope you like it. I'll reply your comments asap. Thanks for you all. kisses

In portuguese: Alguém sabe onde se vendem aquelas pulseiras da H&M? Já procurei  e perguntei e ninguém me sabe dizer e já não estão no site. Por favor se souberem de algum local no Porto onde se vendem similares podem deixar comentário ou enviar e-mail. Muito muito obrigado. :)


4 de junho de 2011

White summer

Ph. Michaela Kocianova by Greg Kadel for Vogue Italia June 2011

How fantastic are this editorial? I loved so much. The summer with white.  And you? What you think?


1 de junho de 2011

Simple inspiration

Hi. I'm sorry for the lack post but i'm feeling very very tired. It's hard studying but the next weeks will be (probably) the worst and I don't know. I hope that I'm not beeing sick... So for today I left you with some pictures for inspiring... I hope you like it ;)

Ph. Céline



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