Liliana Ferreira

Liliana Ferreira

Tpday the post it's about the new collaboration for H&M. This time it's the Maison Martin Margiela. The concept it's basically the same from the other passed collaborations. The collection it's characterized by some oversized shapes and some "big bubblegum packages" as clutches. There will be  the collection woman and one for man. My favorites are the (original heeled) shoes, boots  and the clutch. Honestly I don't like some of the oversized shapes. And for you? What you think? Yay or nay?

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A little busy on the last days but always loving this little corner and my dear readers...
Have a nice week !
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Birkin bag, military print and lace

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Hi guys. It's official, the cold days are there and as i said before I just can think in some warmer clothes. The shoes are included (more specifically the boots). And I have some favorites already and if we cold dream here are some of "my dreams". Have a nice day !

Olá. É oficial, os dias frios estão aí e como já disse em posts anteriores eu já só penso em roupas mais quentes. Os sapatos estão incluídos mais especificamente botas. E, claro, já tenho algumas favoritas e se é permitido sonhar aqui ficam "os meus sonhos". Tenham um ótimo dia !

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Givenchy boots.

Zara version. €89,95

Chloé Susanna boots.

Zara version. €99,95

Stradivarius version. €65,95

Isabel Marant boots.


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