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Black Friday

sábado, 24 de novembro de 2012
Black Friday. Everyone loves the lower prices and black friday sometimes it's an opportuity to get "that piece" with a friendly price. It's something like sales but before the christmas so I selected some (favorite) itens from online stores to share with you. To access the item please click in the image. I hope you like it.

Stud Embellished Double Handle Shoulder Bag Simple Elegant Celebrity Zipped Shoulder Bag $56.10

Rivet Trim Clasp Fastening Shoulder Bag $54.00  Central Rivets Embellished Shoulder Bag $39.60
Chic Rivets Embellished Leopard Skin Print Shoulder Bag $48.80 Rivets Embellished Whole Colored Shoulder Bag $55.35


Lace up Metal Toecap Boots $69.60  Image 1 of Timeless Nigel Toe Cap Shoes

Double-breasted Skirt Hem Design Blue Trench-coat Dog Head Print Black Hoodie


ASOS Leather Peplum Skirt Waist Belt :
Black Friday . Everyone loves the lower prices and…

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