I confessed, I only saw some few episodes from this serie but I can resist to see the photos. The girls are so trendy and I think that it's the new "Sex and City" because of the style from the actresses. I hope you like it. Kisses. (And I promisse that I'll watch the serie ;)

Source: fanpop.com

Hi. Today I was surfing on the asos.com when I decided see some rings...
Here you have my favorites... :) 

I'm surfing on the web when I found this amazing picture where Olivia Palermo seems perfect in her outfit. I promise that tomorrow (only tomorrow?) she'll be my inspiration!

Hi. I'm so sorry for the lack posts but I'm still busy and how you know I'm studying and sometimes i don't have time to post here. Although, in the (small) free times I read some magazines and here you have what I'm reading in the breakes.

Vogue US from November
Glamour UK from December

Probably I could never find one of this pieces but they are f* awesome!
Here I show you some of my favorites pieces from the collection that comes in 23rd November...
I hope you like it.

Source: vogue.co.uk

You probably have seen the news about the design from Lanvin to H&M so I left you with the picture ;) I think that I'm in love with this designs.What's your favorite?
Update: I left you now with the second picture from the preview of this collection :)

Photo: H&M
(via nymag )
P.s.: Thanks for all your comments and welcome to new followers (and older too ;). I've been busy but as possible I'll reply all your comments, Thanks for all. kisses.

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Hi What you think about my "new babies"? I think that they are perfect for this cold season.
And you? what you think?

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Hi. This is that I wished for this week, they are perfect for this winter. I leave you with some icture about this trend. I hope you like.

Burberry Prorsum in net-a-porter (sold out)

Andy Torres in StyleScrapbook.com with a shearling-lined boots

Sandra from 5 inch and up

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Hi. Yes, today I'm here to talk about braids. We see on Paris Fashion Week and seems that we will see in the next spring again. It's simple and seems always pretty. I show here some pictures where I hope that you can find some inspiration. I hope you like it.

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen


Yves Saint Laurent


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