DIY. When I saw this clutch immediately occured some type of DIY. And a very simple DIY, because seems me that we only need an old clutch and probably an old and unused pair of gloves et voilá: we have "the" MMM x H&M clutch. Have a nice sunday!

ph/song of style
Black Friday. Everyone loves the lower prices and black friday sometimes it's an opportuity to get "that piece" with a friendly price. It's something like sales but before the christmas so I selected some (favorite) itens from online stores to share with you. To access the item please click in the image. I hope you like it.

Stud Embellished Double Handle Shoulder Bag Simple Elegant Celebrity Zipped Shoulder Bag $56.10

Rivet Trim Clasp Fastening Shoulder Bag $54.00  Central Rivets Embellished Shoulder Bag $39.60
Chic Rivets Embellished Leopard Skin Print Shoulder Bag $48.80 Rivets Embellished Whole Colored Shoulder Bag $55.35


Lace up Metal Toecap Boots $69.60  Image 1 of Timeless Nigel Toe Cap Shoes

Double-breasted Skirt Hem Design Blue Trench-coat Dog Head Print Black Hoodie


ASOS Leather Peplum Skirt Waist Belt :
Mood today

Mood board. These are what I could use today. Inspired by Cindy from cottds.com I always was a "black girl" too. I specially love the Marant boots. And you? Have a nice Friday!

Hi guys I'm back after a break that I really need of blogging. I'm still very busy with other things but I hope give some new and better posts. Thanks for being there.

Olá. Estou de volta. Depois de uma pausa de blog aqui volto eu com um post. Nestes dias deu para ponderar e pensar. Cheguei à conclusão que após cerca de 2 anos e meio deste blog (depois de mais anos de outros tipos de blog) já aprendemos algo do meio no entanto, há sempre situações que fazem colocar em causa o nosso espaço por aqui. Sempre foi assim e sempre será. E então aqui estou eu de volta para um "reinício" de blog. Obrigada por estarem aí e espero continuar a poder contar convosco.