Liliana Ferreira

Liliana Ferreira

Piquenique. Num dia de muito calor em finais de Junho foi o dia escolhido para um piquenique com algumas meninas da blogosfera portuguesa. Esse dia foi ontem e o pretexto para nos juntarmos foi um piquenique cheio de coisas maravilhosas que coube a cada uma levar. Foi uma tarde bem passada entre conversas e partilhas de momentos e conhecimentos e muito, muito divertida. Tivemos ainda a adorada companhia do nosso amigo pavão e as suas belas penas que não arredou pé( asa?) enquanto não nos fomos embora também. Era ele a estrela. Obrigada à Joana pela organização do evento. Partilho convosco algumas das fotos deste piquenique as quais agradeço à Daniela do Ahh, La vie, à Diana Raquel do Belezas da Di  e à Joana do Love & Other Drugs. E obrigada a todas pela simpatia e pela tarde bem passada. Abaixo deixo a lista de quem esteve como é costume. Tenham um ótimo fim de semana. (Cliquem em "Read more" para verem o post na íntegra)

Blogger's picnic. yesterday was the day of some portuguese bloggers have a meeting. The pretext was a picnic in a very, very warm day (more than 30 ºC ? ) but it was a funny day with so many good things and good vibes and great photos as you can see below.The peacock was our friend on picnic and he made some company to us till the end of the event. The place choosen can't be better, Jardins do Palácio de Cristal are always a good place to go in any occasion. Thanks to Joana for the organization. The photos are mine and from Daniela do Ahh, La vie, Diana Raquel from Belezas da Di  and Joana do Love & Other Drugs. Thanks girls for the great event and below you can see the list with links to repective blogs. Have a nice weekend. (Click in Read more please )

t-shirt: Next // olive jeans: H&M Conscious Collection (but similar here) // eyewear: Ray-Ban // jewelry: Fashionology, Zara

Olive green. I'm in love with this simple outfit ! The olive green from the jeans (and Oh my ! They're really comfortable! ) combines perfectly with the "springlish" print from shirt. I'm really in love with the comfort of the jeans, the color and the details of zippers. The shirt has some too but here you can't see. Maybe in a next time. Have a nice week.

sweater: lefties // jeans: mango // ballerinas: Primark (deal vs. steal) // bag: Primark //eyewear: Ray-Ban

A simple outfit with some well known pieces taken "somewhere in the world" where exists "some lines" that gives "something geometrical" to the photo. Have a nice weekend.

clutch: H&M (old)// jeans: Zara

When I took this photos I'll never imagined that in few days later (next day probably?) the weather will change so much ! Some of these pieces (shoes and clutch) are some like 2 years but I still love them, specially together and I think that they're perfect for the summer. But here in Portugal the weather as you probably get noticed it's horrible right now and have been very instable. In the news they say that will be the coldest summer in 200 years (200? really???) And as in the last days (if you follow me on twitter you know that I'm currently obsessed with Spotify ) and all these situations, the weather and the times (that in portuguese it's "tempo" for both) reminds me Wind of change from Scorpions. (Sorry I love music!) Have a nice week that for now it's pouring cats and dogs (or in portuguese: "Chove a cântaros !" )

khaki gilet: Primark (this is similar)// camo shirt: Primark (love this camo too) // sneakers: Converse All Star // sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarer Folding

The title it's the word that I created for the khaki + camo (from camouflage), but seems that already exists and it's a name of a city too(thanks wikipedia!). I almost forgot this photos and today when I was play in photoshop I decided change a little bit of the original ones. It's a very comfortable and casual look where I decided mixing a print and a bold color very similar. Have a nice week.

Dancing and cryin says that music from David Guetta. After so many years (I remember study Physics with David Guetta's music) I discovered again the old musics and it's great come back to the oldies because we remember some moments of our past. And for talking in walking you can like my page now on Foursquare here where I give some tips about locals to visit, etc... Have a nice day !
Black and White

Sunglasses : here and here //shoes: Zara // iPhone case: here // bracelet: here // jeans: here // Belt: Forever 21 //Bags: Zara and here // t-shirt: here

sporty chic. This is my actual mood. Loving the jeans from Balmain and hoping found a nice deal with a similar ones. Have a nice week.

camo shirt: Primark //leather look pants: Pimkie (deal vs. steal) // heels: Marypaz (very similar to these ones) /bracelet: Fashionology (old) // sunglasses: Ray Ban

Black. I'm in a "black mood". Not sure about this look leather pants, they don't fit me very well ( sorry, I don't have a perfect body ;) Have a nice weekend guys.

Leopard coat: H&M (similar here) // blouse: Primark  // bag: Primark // jeans: Mango // sneakers: Converse All Star

In repeat. Many of the pieces used here on this post are repeated from old posts and some over used, but it's what I love in do outfits, combine some old pieces that we had on our closed and give a twist that creates a different outfit. How many times have you seen this coat and bag here? And for the older readers don't you remember this blouse and all stars from some years ago? Everybody loves new pieces but I love too mixing old to old, new to new and remixing and combine old to new ;) And you?  Have a nice day !
May. The times fly. Seems that January was yesterday and we are already in June. BTW, here are the recap from my month, a very special month for me that with the Queima das Fitas (a traditional student's celebration) marks always someting important in my life. It's always the end of a year, one more but at this time I'm almost in the (real) end. And again the times goes by so fast sometimes and everything that lasts it's the memories. And for the people that are wondering why I'm with a high hat on my head it's because here it's what we call graduation (maybe?) and it's the color of my course and the hat represents the last year, the end on my university. Welcome June !