Photo from the Carlos Gil show. All photos was taken by me so please if you use please link back to this blog.


This is the last post about the shows from Portugal Fashion. So many great designers and fantastic pieces passed there and with sure great trends for the next season. Favorites? Diogo Miranda (see the post from day2) and Carlos Gil in this post. I met and reunited with so many great people and I want say thank you for all of you that have been there and specially for my friends that support me.
I hope you like it, I'll try do a small description in each photos from shows.


Este é o último post sobre os desfiles da 33ª edição do Portugal Fashion que ainda com o primeiro dia Lisboa pude assistir aos restantes três dias na alfândega situada num dos locais mais bonitos da cidade do Porto. Favoritos? Diogo Miranda (vejam o post do dia 2), Carlos Gil e Luís Onofre com os seus acessórios fantásticos (ambos neste post), no entanto foram muitos os que passaram e dos quais não pude deixar de admirar uma peça ou outra. Conheci e reencontrei muitas pessoas, passei muitos bons momentos e quero então dizer obrigada, a quem me acompanhou, a vocês que lêm e aos meus amigos que me apoiaram.

Espero que gostem, irei tentar fazer uma pequena descrição em cada série de fotos dos diferentes desfiles.

Foto do desfile de Carlos Gil. Todas as fotos foram tiradas por mim e se usarem por favor creditem com link para este blog. Obrigada.

Carlos Gil

Inspired in the North of Portugal, golden pieces such golden hearts (also known as Corações de Viana) and the art of "Filigrana" and South of India with all gold and glimmers as the bright colors such red, yellow, green or blue

Vicri "Invicta"

Vicri choose the alter ego of Oporto's city: Invicta that means "invincible" to create a modern yet traditional collection, where we can see the inspiration of the city in the textures and prints. With many shirts and materials such cotton, wool, silk and linen. 

Lion of Porches
Based in travels, and divided in two lines "Lion" where we can see a nautical style with white, blue and red mixed with some british inspiration and "City" with a retro nautical style. 

Luís Onofre "Different Flavors"
 The highlights goes as always to the bags, clutchs, shoes and sandals. With some sweet colors such light blue, mint or pink with some details in gold and Swarosvski crystals gives us a great pleasure to our eyes that reminds us a candy shop. My favs goes to the manufactured clutches. 

Central America as inspiration is clearly indentified by the hats and the travel bags or because the light fabrics and the tropical colors such green or yellow mixed with the blues and whites. A perfect collection for modern yet classic men (that I personal love this style). 

Felipe Oliveira Baptista "The sheltering sky"
The designer well known for his work for Lacoste presented a functional collection where it was visible some militar inspiration with some versatile side such a coat that easily turns into a dress or long skirt that reminds us the nomads in the desert. A great and minimal collection in monochromatic pieces.

Photo from the Carlos Gil show. All photos was…